Daria Ivans is a xenomedia artist from Saint Petersburg, who specializes in the magical analysis of digital algorithms and explores multi-layered spaces of virtual (im)materiality. Xyr wander through different dimensions of the virtual worlds, playing algo-rhytms, dreaming in the Y2K midsummer shadows, outer space-shipping through unexplored areas of Web in a constant search for dig-artifacts and amulets to forge extensions of inter-dimensional connections. Xe works at the crossroads of various mediums, blurring the boundaries
between new media and fine art. Imperfections and technological glitches (from unoptimized 3D models to errors on virtual platform servers) serve as xyr form of ‘rabbit holes’ for transitioning, albeit often speculatively, into alternative modes of communication through technology. As a researcher of virtual worlds and internet communities spanning different eras, xe delves into the quest for alternative archiving possibilities and the exploration of virtual heritage. Xyr alternative data archaeology influences the very approach to working with images: the paintings and installations are constructed through the methods of excavating imagery, laying bare and rendering visible the layers that precede the final form of the artwork. Daria is a Bachelor of Philosophy and Master of Art&Science.


Xeno-digital artist


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