Tyh Tyt Nay, the patron saint of the mouth (river) Tukh and nearby water bodies; Tyh Tyt (lit.: mouth of the river Tyh) - on modern maps of the Tukhta River, a tributary of the Lozva).

Malachite Flower

Lypta ytay is a beautiful green caterpillar on the leaves

Menquah-keeper of the Polum-Torum-Oyka River, Pelym (Ivdel district, Sverdlovsk region). The Meӈkv is a relict forest giant. According to folklore stories, the Menquas can be hostile to humans, but they can also but they can also be helpful. The Menquas are subdivided into several species: warriors, sanctuary guards, and cannibals.They live in their own time dimension. They have one more sense than a man. Therefore, a man does not meet with them, and if he encroaches on their territory, the Menquas will get their revenge in their own way: a man gets tension and fear

Heart-Flower, left over from a Menquah who has fallen in love with a human being

In the domains of the Mistress of the Denezhkin Stone Mountain. Legends speak of this mountain as a petrified magpie, whose eyes and white feathers turned into gems and whose black feathers turned into slate.

Samsai-oyka near the Yalpyng-nir Mountain (Molybnyi Kamen, Aly-Yalpyng-nir, Ivdel district, Sverdlovsk region). Samsai-oyka used to be an evil spirit, one of the Kul-otyr descendants, invoking illnesses. With time his functions have changed, and he became a house spirit-keeper. Later he left for one of the tops of Yalpyng-nir

The two-faced god-owl Yipyg-oika, the old god who remembers humans