Mikkemas or the Upcoming Angel of History" is a project made in the form of Google Slides for a certain archaeological or historical conference. A scholar, whose name we do not know, talks about his find, a letter from a recently deceased professor of Egyptology. Professor Bennard reveals the mystery of his first expedition to Egypt, when he discovered images of an unknown god who resembles Mickey Mouse. This god was revered by the ancient Egyptians as the god of resurrected history. This project interprets two of Walter Benjamin's essays (Poverty and Experience, 1933, and Theses on the Philosophy of History, 1940) and places Mickey Mouse as the New Angel of History. Mickey Mouse in Benjamin's essay: "His life is full of miracles – miracles that not only surpass the wonders of technology, but make fun of them. For the most extraordinary thing about them is that they all appear, quite without any machinery, to have been improvised out of the body of Mickey Mouse, out of his supporters and persecutors, and out of the most ordinary pieces of furniture, as well as from trees, clouds, and the sea". The text pictures and the short video are done in collaboration with neural networks, so sometimes it is hard to tell which part was done by whom. Neural networks pass a lot of data through themselves and fulfill that instant magical role of Benjamin’s Mickey Mouse and in this project appear as emanations of the New Angel of History