This project was born at the intersection of my interest in the coral bleaching phenomenon and my research into the representation of sci-fi tendencies in manga and anime. The hybrid organism I created is at once human, a woman who resembles Rilke's Eurydice *, and a coral reef almost colorless due to the warming waters in its area. The coexistence of species, natural to the coral reef, here extends to the human being, the fragile human body becomes the host for a static solid and yet vulnerable life. The interweaving and sharing of each other's properties results in an entity of a complex and dual nature that defies either categorization within the biological world or gender definition. A multispecies entity, sensitive to the world both within and a part of which it exists. In Haruko Ichikawa’s manga Land of the Lustrous the creatures, similar to mine, are called Admirabilis, and along with Jewels, they inhabit the earth after humans.