the city calls itself New Belonne and takes possession of itself in order to wound the autumnal city so that the world will give it another name*. the action in vr space takes place in a post-apocalyptic city with two moons, fires that leave no trace, and time relative to its fixers. Smog envelops this city constantly - in those moments when it leaves, you notice that it takes with it the smells of the body you came to this city with, and what you took for architecture/infrastructure are nothing more than sequences of molecules dispersed by smog. The recombinant city, as William Gibson calls Delaney’s Bellona, becomes a map of an elusive, disintegrating body. If it is a map, what is behind the indexicality of the molecules spelled out in its history, into which the smog has decomposed the odors of the city's inhabitants and visitors? *TO WOUND THE AUTUMNAL city. So howled out for the world to give him a name. The in-dark answered with wind. (Dhalgren, Chapter I Prism, Mirror, Lens)

2022, Mozilla hubs VR spaces, photogrammetry, 3D graphics